Where Can You Find the Most Expensive Cabbage Patch Dolls For Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids have been an international sensation since their first appearance in 1982. Fans go out of their way to find the most old and most sought-after dolls, and are willing to pay a premium for these dolls. Dolls made prior to the official release, like Little People dolls from 1979 are valued at thousands of dollars. Some dolls made after 1985 can be worth over $1,000. Keep reading to find out the most expensive Cabbage Patch kids and the best way to evaluate one.

“The Little People” was a tribute to by the Cabbage Patch Kids
Cabbage Patch Kids were inspired by the debut of “The Little People” dolls. Xavier Roberts changed and marketed the dolls, initially created in the hands of Martha Nelson Thomas. Little People Little People were very popular and prices ranged between $60 and $1,000.

The person who invented the Cabbage Patch Dolls Xavier Roberts, has a collection of them.

Roger L. Schlaife, the designer and licensing company who was contacted by Roberts back in the year 1981. Schlaife was interested in the dolls’ license and he decided to change their appearance and gave them an creative name: The Cabbage Patch Kids.

Dolls of The Little People are still available to buy.

Although the first Little People dolls aren’t as popular as the current versions however, you can still locate these dolls on websites. For each doll that is old you can expect to pay at the very least a few hundred dollars. The more important is the Little People doll is, the better its condition.

On eBay there was a Little People doll with freckles and red pigtails went for $525. The doll was authentically signed “Xavier 79″,” which increased the price. This is a lot more expensive in comparison to the bulk of Cabbage Patch Kids.

In the coming weeks: the factors that determine a doll’s cost range from hundreds of dollars to thousands.

Cabbage Patch Kids and Little People were developed in various ways.
The year 1983 is when women can be photographed carrying boxes full that contain Cabbage Patch Kids.
Getty Images/Andy Hosie/Daily Mirror/Mirror
There were many distinct distinctions in those of the Little People and Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. The bodies of Little People had soft skin, the skulls soft and their thumbs large. Cabbage Patch Kids’ bodies and heads are made from hard plastic. Cabbage Patch Kids have yarn hair, and Little People have woolen hair.

It is also possible to look at the tag. Dolls that have tags that are original body tags are more popular and also indicate that they were made in the year they were produced. Based on the age of the doll you own, they can be worth several thousand dollars.

These Factors Can Increase the price of a Cabbage Patch The Kid

An old Cabbage Patch Kid’s value could be affected by many factors. Naturally, condition counts; dolls that haven’t had much use are more expensive. Most expensive dolls are remain inside their brand new, undisturbed boxes.

The Cabbage Patch Kid that comes with adoption papers, authentic clothing and Xavier Roberts signature will fetch more. They’ll fetch more in the event that they’re a limited edition or are from another country.

Be on the lookout for a doll that’s been bought twice and sold for $10,000.

The Original Cabbage Patch Kids are very difficult to find.

The two original Cabbage Patch Kids dolls have been among the more expensive and rare dolls on the market. Otis Lawton (1982) is the first one, while Delila Lorinda follows (1983). The cost was 30 dollars when they first released. But, today they are significantly more important.

It’s hard to estimate the value Otis or Delila are worth as they don’t appear in a lot of auctions. Cabbage Dolls of 1985 can be sold for between $2,000 and $3,000 Therefore, Otis and Delila could be worth at least $5,000.

The date on which the doll was made can be determined by Roberts signature.

Xavier Roberts’ Cabbage Patch Kids are one of the most expensive dolls available. The signature will tell you of the age the doll is, if you’re not sure. Roberts has signed his dolls with a different color every year in accordance with antique prices.

Roberts signed the dolls in the use of a black pen in 1983. The color green was utilized in 1984 and blue was added for 1985. Red was utilized in 1986, and aqua was utilized in 1987, the use of lavender in 1988 and rose was added in 1989. All of them are in high demand.

The next installment will discuss how the original 1986 clothing on one doll ended up worth $700.

Ann Greta may be worth around $1,000.

Ann Greta was one of the most well-known Cabbage Patch Kids in 1985. Ann Greta was auctioned off for sale on eBay at the end of 2021, in perfect condition and complete with the adoption papers as well as a Pacifier. Ann sold for $810 after seven bids.

While Ann Greta is well-known, second-hand dolls can be cheaper. Around $210 for an original doll without papers, original clothing or signature. The red braids, the twins and blue eyes make her stand out.

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