The Worst Colleges in Every State That Aren’t Worth The Money

There aren’t all universities and colleges that are all created equal in terms of higher education. There are some schools like Auburn University at Montgomery and Southern Connecticut State University, don’t merit the student loans and the high interest rates. Here are the schools that aren’t worth it. in every state that don’t merit the cost, from low graduation rates , to none of the student services.

It is the University of Maine is located in the state of Maine. Augusta is one of the towns located in Georgia.
There’s no harm in skipping this Augusta campus for those who are looking to join the University of Maine school system. While the cost per year to attend the school is attractive at around $10,000, it’s the most this school is able to offer.

The University of Maine is a public university located in Maine. Students attending Augusta University may expect to be in debt for the next four years. As is if this wasn’t enough, the rates of interest for these loans can be approximately 16.8 percent which is a lot more than the average for national students.

It is the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

It is worth noting that the University of Arkansas in Little Rock is not likely to be worthy of the money of incoming freshmen and has a graduation rate of only 42 percent. The cost for the university in Little Rock is $13,256, that could lead to a possible amount of debt of $27,112 in four years.

Little Rock grads should expect to pay off student loans in the near future, as the median pay in the first six months of work is only $34,900.

Frostburg State University is located in Maryland.

Achieving a degree from Frostburg State University in Maryland students can expect to earn good money after six years in the business. They will have to first complete the four years. Just 47 percent of students are graduates from this college It’s not a surprise considering the age of it.

The campus of the university hasn’t been updated in a long time There’s nothing to view from the dorms to the classrooms. If you take into account that there’s not much going on in the surrounding region, Frostburg is no longer considered to be a “cool school.”

Goddard College is located in Goddard, Vermont.
While Goddard College in Vermont has an enchanting and gorgeous campus need to be aware that the student body is only 364. This means that there is hardly any social activities on the campus.

Additionally the average net cost of attending college isn’t for the faint-hearted. Students could be expected to pay around $23,187 each year. This will add up to the total amount of $31,452 following graduation, if they choose to take the loan for their education.

If you’re a child who’s not sure what they’ll do in the future an acceptance rate might be appealing. But with a graduation rate of only 14.4%, the students might be thinking about alternatives and avoid Delaware Technical Community College, Terry.

Not only is the rate of graduation virtually non-existent, but postgraduate support appears to be similarly absent. According to a student’s opinion the student is the one responsible for everything and the teacher is not able to provide any assistance.

Southern Connecticut State University is located in the state of Connecticut.
The natural beauty the natural beauty Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, Connecticut, is beautiful, however it’s a price to pay. The annual net cost for attending this school is an affordable $17,389 which leaves students with $26,936 of debt following the completion of their studies.

Additionally, a number of students have submitted evaluations, claiming that the teachers don’t have the best teaching skills. “Most of them [professors] seemed like they didn’t care whether you were even present or not,” one student wrote.

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