Conditions of Use
The following Terms of Service apply to applications, websites and services offered through All Time Digital Inc. These Terms of Service will regulate your use of the services and websites that are provided through All Time DIgital Inc. and of its brands, companies that control it, including must-only.

Please be sure to read the following terms of use (“Terms”) attentively prior to making use of this website any extensions) (the “website” “”). The Terms of Use cover all of the mustonly (“carefactor sites”) and includes any or any associated content, which includes but not limited to email, RSS feeds and videos.

When you use the website by using the website, you agree to be bound by these terms of use. If you do not wish with these Conditions of Use, you must stop your use of the site.

All the content on on are original work, and are protected by the applicable copyrights and other intellectual property (including but not restricted to intellectual property) rights. They are considered to be the intellectual property belonging to doesn’t claim any or any other credit for any photos or images featured on this website unless specified.

The site may contain hyperlinks to other websites and resources, or services online on the Internet. These additional sources are not under control, and you agree that it is not accountable or responsible regarding the information, functionality as well as the reliability, legality, as well as any other feature of these sites, services, or resources. You also acknowledge that you agree that mustonly will not be held accountable directly or indirectly for any loss or damage that is caused or claimed to result from or related to the use or reliance upon any such products, services or content that are available through or on site or resource.

mustonly is a fad media outlet that provides a glimpse of life that is available every day through interesting and multilingual online articles about life, beauty cars food, travel, etc. The website can’t provide reliable and accurate content, it’s possible that mistakes and inaccuracies could be found in the information provided on the site. Therefore, you are aware and agree that we disclaim responsibility for any inaccuracies or mistakes in the information and other materials on our website.

Content Use
It is solely intended only for your personal, non-commercial usage, and not to be used for the benefit or use of any third-party. If you’re not at your consent age as defined by applicable law in the country where you reside your legal guardian has to be aware of and agree to these Terms and Conditions in the name of you as well on behalf of your.

The website’s content is permitted only for non-commercial reproduction to be accessible for non-commercial reproduction with a required reference to this website by displaying linking on the site and a logo. It is also possible to reproduce excerpts or screenshots or quotes with a compulsory reference to this website by displaying a link to the website and a link.

In any non-commercial reproduction you are not allowed to suggest that you must only endorse you or using the material.

These rights not alter your fair dealing or fair use rights or any other copyright-related restrictions or exceptions, and/or rights that others may have or have in relation to the work or in the manner in which the work is used, including privacy or publicity rights.

This does not apply to the rights to republish images that are published by shouldonly, in which case mustonly could not be copyright owners other than in the case of an image of the entire website. It makes no representations, warranties , or assurances regarding the use by third parties of content on the website.

Any additional copying or rearrangement broadcast, rewriting, or publication, distribution modifications, use, and publication, by anyone else in any media directly or indirectly of these matters or any other part or part of this Website which includes any removal, modification or deletion of advertisements other than the restricted rights granted by this agreement and is strictly prohibited.

Under any circumstances the content should not be posted on any website which promotes content that is adult-oriented (pornography) or promotes hatred and racism or any other unlawful content.

Reproduction of a screenshot in print format is allowed when the URL, name of the website and logo is clearly visible or is included. The content can be reproduced in print form, but solely if legitimately and clearly cited as coming from the website , including the name of the website, URL and logo within references. Images on the website should not be printed.

The printed medium should not be used to promote content for children (pornography) or hate, racism , or any other illegal content.

The information provided by mustonly is provided on the “as as is” basis. It is not guaranteed and mustonly will not be held accountable for the use you make in utilizing the content, feeds, the content, etc. The use of the website is at your own discretion. You are solely responsible for any complaints about images or content you decide to show on your website or print.

Brands, websites, celebrities or other information mentioned on the site are not linked to the brand, person or product or any other way. The information provided on the site that is relevant to the worth of objects and/or items. may not be accurate or true and should be taken as an estimate of value. Anything that is based on opinion or a commentary may not be true and should be considered as purely interpreted authors’ views. You agree that must only not be held accountable for inaccurate details or errors.

The images that appear on mustonly are not our property and do not fall are they protected by our Copyrights. If any Image is offensive or under your Copyright then please email us to have it removed at:

Intellectual Property Rights:
We are committed to protecting the intellectual property rights of third parties, we have the policy of removing User Submissions (and other submissions) which violate copyright law In accordance with Title 17 of the United States Code, Section 512 and a sole policy to receive written notice of claims of copyright infringement and processing the claims in accordance to the laws. If you suspect that a user of our services infringes your copyright, please send a an official written notification to our agent that is listed below to inform us of claims for copyright violation.

All Time Digital Inc.

6, boulevard Desaulniers, bureau 600

Saint-Lambert, Quebec, J4P 1L3


In accordance with applicable law Your written notice is required to: (a) contain your signature either electronically or physically; (b) identify the copyrighted work that is believed to have been violated; (c) identify the material that you believe is infringing it precisely enough that we can identify the source of the object; (d) contain adequate details that allow us to reach you (including the address of your home, your telephone number, and email contact information); (e) contain an assertion that you have an honest belief that the use of the copyrighted materials is not approved by the owner of the copyright, or the agent of the owner or by the law; (f) include a declaration that the information contained in the notice in writing is true and (g) include a declaration in the event of perjury that you have the authority to perform on behalf of the owner of the copyright.

If as an owner or authorized representative, your trademark is being used somewhere on the carefactor in a way that constitutes trademark infringement, you may notify us at Please include the correct name of the proprietor, the method by which we can contact you and the exact nature of the issue.

All Time Digital Inc. Intellectual Property
mustonly, the name of the website and logo are trademarks or trademarks, service marks and logos (collectively “Marks”) belonging to solely to the company. You are not permitted to use any of the Marks. The ownership of all these Marks and the goodwill associated with them remains with mustonly. The information on this website is intended to confer, through implication or otherwise any right or license to make use of any rights to use the Marks without the express permission of.

The website permits users to make comments and/or to discuss the content of the website. When you post comments, you agree to adhere to the following rules:

Visitors and users can leave comments as insofar as the content of the comment is not unlawful or threatening or infuriating and is in compliance with the conditions of use set forth in this document. The contents of the statement must not infringe on the privacy of another or violate anyone’s intellectual property rights, or be considered to be indecent.

The visitor or user is accountable for the content of their declaration. The website cannot control the statements made and cannot ensure the authenticity, reliability, or the authenticity of information that is published on this site. The website is not responsible for the contents of any comment, its existence quality, legality security, and accuracy of any post on this site.

You agree to share information that is truthful and authentic, and is not in violation the law, or any regulations currently in force.

False claims or libelous are not permitted. Your responsibility is to make sure that your claim is as clear and convincing as is possible.

The unauthorized disclosure of the identity of a person or an entity is not permitted. It is also not permitted to mislead anyone about the source of a statement or declaration.

Make sure that your writings are pertinent and relevant.

The review or comment being published is intended meant for the use of the website and not the individual, place or company mentioned The website is not associated with that person, place, or business in any way in any way. This website does not take responsibility for the choice to share personal information.

Make sure to leave constructive and respectful comments that are respectful and helpful. Don’t personally attack anyone or make comments that are offensive or defamatory. This could may expose you to legal or other legal action. This website has the option to change or remove any comments that violate the policies of the website.

The website can at any time , and at its sole discretion, remove any of the content. It is accepted that the website doesn’t have the responsibility to read comments or posts.

All comments are considered to be property of the website , and all correspondence is to be available to be published. If you post your comment, post or article, you consent that your post or comment can be edited to rectify errors or remove profane or offensive language, or modify or remove your post, comment and/or article on this website without prior notice to you. The email addresses you provide with your comments are not used to send out spam or other messages.

An inappropriate comment
Any person who is interested may request for the removal or modification of a post if he/she was the person who posted the comment and the content of the comment is in violation of the conditions of Use. The request for the cancellation of a comment must be made in writing with a hyperlink to the post and the reason it is to be considered to be in breach. A response on your inquiry will be made available within 48-72 hours. An unsatisfying review or comment doesn’t serve as a reason to revoke or alteration.

The website does not have any responsibility for the contents of any statement (comment or any other) posted to it by users. The website is able, in addition to a complaint or comment, examine the text of any statement, and then edit out completely or in part, any statement that is libelous, inappropriate or untrue, or is in violation the Terms of Service. Any complaints relating to comments can be made to

Illicit Use
You are not permitted to (directly or directly or indirectly): (i) decipher the website’s code, decompile, disassemble it reverse engineer, or in any other way attempt to extract any source code, underlying concepts or algorithms from any portion of the site.

You are not permitted to: (i) take any actions that create or cause (as decided by carefactor sole decision) excessive or excessively heavy load on the (or the third-party suppliers’) infrastructure; (ii) try to interfere with or disrupt the functioning of the website. (iii) use any method to bypass, circumvent or attempt to disable any restriction on accessibility to this website (or any other account, computers or networks that are connected with the site); (iv) run any kind of auto-responder, as well as “spam” within the web site. (v) employ automated, manual devices, software or other techniques that “crawl” or “spider” any web page the site; (vi) frame or scrape data-mine, extract or harvest the harvest, or scrape any content on the site in any manner and in any way or (vii) else take any act that is in violation of the Terms of Use.

Website reserves the sole power to alter these Terms of Service at anytime. Clarifications and minor changes will be effective immediately. The material changes will be in effect within 30 days of their publication. The date of posting for the document will be laid at the end of each document. If you continue to use our website is considered to be conclusive of your agreement with the revised Terms of Use.

Privacy and Confidentiality
The website promises not to disclose or use the data provided by its customers for any other reason beyond providing services. However, it cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted via the Internet. Therefore users assume all liability in the event confidential information is revealed. Furthermore, it is only necessary to cooperate with law enforcement agencies when it comes to providing information to any crime or investigation.

The website could contain general content on various issues, including medical and health and legal, tax or financial matters. It is not recommended to depend on the website to get advice from an individual on these matters and should seek advice for advice from a professional who is qualified. You are the only one who has the sole burden of taking a look at the benefits and/or risks in the use of the content on the site.

The CONTENT available on or through This Service is NOT IN ANY way intended to and should not be CONSTRUED to: (A) CONSTITUTE PROFESSIONAL Medical, Health, LEGAL, TAX, or financial advice; (B) RECOMMEND or endorse on any financial instrument or INVESTMENT STRATEGY (C) Diagnose, treat or treat any medical or health issue, or OTHER CONDITION. Always seek the advice of an experienced professional who is qualified. For instance, you should seek the advice of your physician or OTHER qualified health professional prior to beginning any new diet and ask your doctor any concerns you might have about an illness that is medically related. In addition to all OTHER limitations and disclaimers in the Agreement, WE AND OUR VENDORS, LICENSORS, and/or service providers disclaim any Haftung or loss arising out of or in connection to the content OBTAINED through or via this SERVICE.

Limitation on Liability
To the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, we shall not be responsible to the user or any other third party for any consequential, indirect EXEMPLARY, INCIDENTAL or other damages that include, but are not limited to the loss of profits resulting from your use of or the website’s inability to use.

You acknowledge and agree that any damages you incur arising OUT of do-only’s omissions or OMISSIONS or your use of THE WEBSITE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE and are not sufficient to entitle you to an injunction or OTHER legal remedy that restricts the accessibility of or any person’s ability to access any portion of the Websites and Services OF ALL TIME DIGITAL INC.


The Terms of Service of the website as well as all other documents referred to in them represent the complete contract between you and the site with regard to the use of the website and replace any previous agreements. The website’s inability to insist on the strictness of performance of any term of this agreement will not be considered to be the waiver of any provision or right. In the event that any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Usage is deemed to be unenforceable, invalid or ineffective as invalid, unenforceable or unenforceable in any way by a court with competent jurisdiction, this determination will not affect the remainder of the terms of this agreement.

Legislative and Jurisdictional Laws
The Terms of Use will be governed by and interpreted according to the laws in force in the country that you reside in. Any proceedings relating to these Terms and Conditions or should only will be submitted exclusively to the Courts with jurisdiction in Quebec, the Province of Quebec, City of Montreal. It is your sole responsibility to making sure that your use of this website is in accordance with the applicable laws.

The parties have demanded to have these terms of Usage and any related documents be drawn in English. Les parties ont demande que ces termes ainsi que tous les documents qui s’y rattachent soient rediges en anglais.

The headings of the Terms of Service are for convenience only and do not alter their meaning.