The States”Worst Cities” aren’t A Part Of The American Dream

While a lot of Americans would like a big home with a white fences, there’s plenty of ugly cities in the United States. It’s true that the United States of America isn’t necessarily made equal in terms of extreme poverty, natural disasters or just being boring.

These are the most dangerous cities in each state From Pahrump, Nevada, to Alliance, Nebraska.

Newburgh, New York is an area within New York, which is located in the state of New York. It’s not a great place to live in when the city of New York has more crime per habitant than Manhattan. Newburgh was the victim of 317 violent crimes in the year 2019, which is nearly double the number of Manhattan.

Additionally the poverty rate is a staggering 31.2 percent, nearly double that of the remainder in the state.

Read on to find out what New Jersey city had 1,159 violent crimes in the year 2019. The next one will be coming soon!

Muscoy is a town located in California.

California is called”the “Golden State” however, it doesn’t mean that every city within the state is breathtaking. In fact, Muscoy is a complete joke. There is a lot of crime on the streets of the tiny community, according to the residents as there isn’t much to do.

There were 1,500 violent offences reported in the year the year 2019.

Alliance is one of the towns located in Nebraska.

Carhenge, a Stonehenge like monument built of automobiles, may be situated near Alliance, Nebraska, although the monument has more to do with a tourism destination.

Many are reluctant to move into cities due to the absence of work opportunities that has increased the rate of poverty up to 13.1 percent, more that average for the state average.

Helena West Helena is an Arkansas town located in Arkansas.

Helena West Helena, Arkansas, is one of the most deprived cities within the United States, with a median family income of $19-896.

It’s not a surprise for the city to have lost almost half its population over the last 60 years due to a dearth of activities in the city and a poor rate of around 40 percent.

Camden is one of the cities located in New Jersey. state of New Jersey.

Camden, New Jersey, however, has a long background of crime, corruption as well as drug consumption. There were 1,159 crimes of violence reported to the police in the year 2019 and it is a dismal place for a visit let even if you live there.

The rate of poverty in 2021 is alarming 36.8 percent, which is more than double that of the other residents in the state.

Spanish Lake may have a pretty nickname, but we’ll need to read on to learn what makes it one of the worst towns in the nation.

Maryland’s Lansdowne

Lansdowne, Maryland, is beset by problems. For one, with a low-income rate of 27.9 percent, the city overall struggles to feed its inhabitants of 8,409. And, not only that, due to the small population the crime rate is at an all-time record.

More than 4700 violent crimes were recorded in the year 2019.

Clifton is a city in Colorado.

Clifton, Colorado is a quiet town. However, this doesn’t mean that the town has many problems. The city has seen a rise in drug use Clifton over the last few years With the city having 164 cases of violent crimes in the year 2019.

It’s a cautionary tale to anyone considering moving to Colorado Stay clear of Clifton!

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