It is the Most Popular Restaurant Chains in the United States are ranked.

Based on IBIS World, there are 100,383 chain restaurants operating in the United States, although some have more success than others. Certain of these chains are owned by a single corporate, while others depend on franchisees to make money. In the year 2020, the most well-known chains earned more than $1 billion in revenue, however, not without a few challenges.

As per Restaurant Business statistics, these are the top restaurants within America in 2020. They are ranked by sales across the nation. Find out which chains won the contest.

Whataburger is a hamburger-restaurant franchise that was established around 1950, within Corpus Christi, Texas. It has expanded to include over 824 locations across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and in the south of United States, with an estimated revenue of $2 billion.

The white and orange striped roofs of Whataburger are based on the original location’s white and orange A-frame roof. They offer the “Whataburger,” “Whataburger Jr.,” “Justaburger,” and the “What a catch,” fish sandwich are among the most popular items from the menu.

There will be many more places to eat burgers however, which will be the most popular?

Outback Steakhouse is a steakhouse located in Australia.

We love steak however, we also crave the Bloomin Onion. This is the reason Outback Steakhouse has risen to the top of the list of the most popular restaurant franchises. The huge portions of traditional Australian cuisine, including hamburgers, steaks, and seafood, leave patrons feeling content and satisfied, and as if they’ve earned the most value for their money.

The steakhouse franchise operates more than 1,000 locations and is projected to earn $1.7 billion sales by 2020. That’s quite a few Bloomin’ Onions!

Papa John’s Pizza

It’s difficult to believe it, but the PapaJohn’s Pizza franchise was born in the closet! John Schnatter, also known as “Papa,” chose to offer pizza to customers of the tavern run by his father situated in Jefferson, Indiana. To finance his equipment, he converted one of the closets of the tavern into a pizza shop and then sold his ’71 Camaro.

It was 1984. according to Statista the restaurant business has grown to 5,199 locations, and is expected to generate $1.81 billion sales by 2020. Papa John’s was also creator for a specific pizza crust dip sauce.


Denny’s franchises for diner restaurants can be found on roads across in the United States, open at any time. What else is there to get breakfast, lunch, or dinner at any time of day or at night? The answer is in Lakewood, California, the company was founded as a 24-hour “Danny’s Donuts.” It was changed in the form of “Denny’s” sometimes along the highway.

Within the United States, there are 1 700 Denny’s establishments and the majority of owned by franchisees. In spite of a dramatic decrease in sales by 2020, the renowned restaurant continues to thrive with an estimated annual income at $288.6 million, as per Statista.


Who doesn’t love being greeted by a wide selection of pitchers with syrup waiting at the table of IHOP? It’s the International House of Pancakes provides ample breakfast options and unending hot tea.

Independent franchisees manage 99 percent of the 1,841 IHOP establishments, and you’ll always find the freshest pancakes wherever you go. The restaurant chain has employed a range of marketing strategies to advertise its less well-known lunch and dinner menus, they’ve never had problem attracting customers according to Statista which estimates an annual turnover in the range of $2.25 billion.

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