Dolls That Are Probably Worth More Than Your Car Payment

Collectors understand that keeping anything isn’t inexpensive, and dolls aren’t any exception. Barbie or American Girl dolls, for instance, have accumulated an impressive amount of value over time. The most expensive dolls that you’ll be able to see are accompanied by a gorgeous price tag, regardless of whether they’re limited edition or antique or both.

Barbie in Pink Diamond: $15,000
The gorgeous Pink Diamond Barbie was created by Mattel’s chief designer, in collaboration with the renowned fashion couple David as well as Phillipe Blond. The doll debuted in spring 2013. Barbie debuted in The Blonds New York Fashion Week.

The stunning dress and apex of her dress, which is encrusted with tiny pink and rose diamonds, makes up the majority of her value. The Barbie also comes with diamond earrings diamond rings, as well as diamond bracelet. The Barbie is worth an astounding $15,000!

Happy Holidays Signed Barbie is worth $3000 and she also has 4 dolls by Mattel.
Barbie of The Happy Holidays collection comes from 1988, which is evident from her tulle-covered dress and large bow in her hair. With its vibrant hue with puffy sleeves and sparkling patterns the bright red dress is a standout.

It’s worth several hundred bucks in cash because the Special Edition doll is decades old. This Barbie is, however has an exclusive characteristic that boosts her value up to $3000. It’s also signed by Barbie creator Ruth Handler! This is a win-win for everyone!

Barbie: $7,500 Lorraine Schwartz Barbie-3 Mattel
Lorraine Schwartz is one of the designers behind some the most gorgeous outfits you see at the Red Carpet. The renowned designer inspire this gorgeous Barbie but she also contributed to the creation of this stunning Barbie.

Barbie’s diamond-encrusted jewelry, like her earrings that hang and shoes, increase her value. The black belt that has a diamond “B” hanging from it is probably the most striking part of her outfit. The extras brought the cost to $7,500!

This Barbie was designed to celebrate the 1999 Winston Cup Racing event.

Vintage Barbie Ponytail #2 Easter Parade: $10,140 easter-barbie SteviebsSteven/eBay
If a doll comes with the name of Easter Parade Vintage Barbie Ponytail #2 It’s a sure bet that it’s worth lots of dollars. Barbie is wearing a stunning black coat with a old-fashioned dress on this 1959 photograph.

Original box and stand, swim suit sunglasses, the guidebook, and box were all part of the eBay sale. It’s hard not to love the doll’s displeasure especially considering her current value over $10,000!

Official #94 NASCAR Barbie: $2,293 barbie-7 Mattel Barbie: $2,293 Barbie: $2,293 Barbie: $2,293
The NASCAR Official #94 is a limited edition item. Barbie is unique to any other doll in its appearance. The distinctive racing outfit of Barbie features fictional sponsoring companies from some of the most famous companies, such as McDonald’s.

In 1999 the year 1999, a doll was created to celebrate this Winston Cup Racing event. Since the race was sponsored by McDonald’s It’s not a surprise that the designer Sharon Zuckerman included their emblem prominently on the dress. Zuckerman is featured on her Barbie Loves Sports series as well. The figure is worth more than $2,000!

This Barbie was in the spirit of an episode from I Love Lucy in the future.

$2,469 Kanani Akina Kanani American Girl
Kanani Akina, aka Kanani is an American Girl doll with a background that is more diverse than other. Kanani is loved by people from all different walks of life due to her Hawaiian, Japanese, and European heritage. Kanani also lives on the well-known Hawaiian island called Kauai.

Kanani is a rare American Girl doll, despite her age, she hasn’t been around for as long as other dolls. The year 2011 was the first time Kanani came out as the limited edition Girl of the Year doll. This means that she’s worth more than $2,400!

Silkstone, City Smart Barbie Barbie 6: $2,995 Mattel Barbie $2,995 Barbie $2,995 Barbie $2,995
Silkstone, City Smart Barbie might appear to be old-fashioned however she was launched in 2003. Her outfit was designed by the designer Robert Best as part of the Barbie Fashion Model Collection.

Mattel wanted to create an elegant look of the 1940s and Best was a master of expressing it. The black dress featuring a sweetheart neckline, and the eye-catching caps on this Barbie make her appear like a mature doll. Designer elements have the price at $2,995. this Barbie.

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